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5 reasons Sify mystorage is better than Dropbox or

sify has recently introduced its new cloud storage services here in India. sify mystorage allows users to store their files and documents online at a very cheap and competitive rate. These days storing files on cloud is very expensive and sometimes unaffordable. sify has now made it easy for the common man to keep their data backed up continuously in a secure environment.

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Why you should adopt the sify mystorage online storage facility?

Some of you might be asking yourself why should i go for sify mystorage when i have Dropbox, or other such leading backup solutions. Well here are 5 reasons that will definitely change your mind.

1. Very Cheap: You get a backup plan of as low as Rs.175/- per month for 10GB storage. Now that’s something to think about.

2. Automatic Backup: Your files are immediately backed up whenever there is a slight modification, so that you don’t have to manually back them up all the time.

3. One license for all: You don’t need an additional license to set up the backup functionality on another computer. One account for all devices!

4. Exact copy of your files: Your files and folders are exactly mirrored i.e they are backed up in the same fashion you have stored them on your computer.

5. Secure is not just a word: Secure file transfers. Now many of the backup solutions boasts of this feature that they are highly secure but sify uses AES 256 bit encryption mechanism to carry out all your tasks and you can also verify this by visiting

Well these were just some of the answers i gave to your question Why you should give sify mystorage a go?, but the real question you should be asking yourself is Why Not?

Here is the Official Press Release by Sify Technologies,


Sify Technologies launches ‘Sify mystorage’
Cloud-based Online Storage and Backup Service for Consumers and Small Businesses

President Nateshmani at the sify press conference

India, Bengaluru, December 22, 2011: Sify Technologies Limited (NASDAQ Global Markets: SIFY), a leader in Managed Enterprise, Network and IT Services in India with growing global delivery capabilities, today launched Sify mystorage, a cloud-based online storage and backup solution targeted at Consumers and Small Businesses. Sify mystorage enables users to insure critical files—documents, mail, photos, videos, music, etc.—in the computer against everyday risks like virus attacks, file corruption, accidental deletion or a PC crash. Sify mystorage automatically and continuously backs up and stores the users’ files in a secure cloud thus providing foolproof protection against data loss.

Advantages of Cloud-based Online Storage:

1. Unlike hard drives, cloud-based online storage is not susceptible to hardware failure/software corruption/theft
2. Ease of data access – from anywhere
3. Cost-effective – no investment in additional hardware

Source: Media and industry reports

With a single mystorage account, a user can backup and store documents from any number of devices. A file saved in Sify mystorage can be accessed online from anywhere or can be shared with friends and family easily. Sify mystorage is intuitive to the extent that the user’s files are organized and stored in the cloud in exactly the same folder structure as in his/her device.

To cater to the different storage needs of Consumers, SOHOs and SMBs, Sify mystorage service is available in a wide range of prepaid plans, starting as low as Rs.175/- per month for 10 GB storage. Users can effortlessly renew plans or upgrade their current plans to higher storage, online.

Sify mystorage encrypts the users’ data before transferring the same to the storage cloud thereby ensuring advanced security.

Special Sify mystorage MS Office plug-in:
Sify mystorage comes with a special Microsoft Office plug-in which enables users to upload and backup documents directly from MS Office applications: MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

Speaking at launch, Mr. Natesh Mani, President – Commercial & Consumer Business, Sify Technologies Ltd, said, “Sify is deeply committed to enabling a digital lifestyle for its consumers. As one of India’s largest and most advanced data centre companies, we are confident of revolutionizing daily life with valuable and novel cloud services.

To bring cloud and thereby a host of digital services to the common man, we launched Sify mylife, India’s first Consumer Cloud Platform, last year. Now with our latest offering, Sify mystorage, an intuitive automatic backup and storage service, we wish to bring the benefits of cloud services to consumers and small business.

Features of Sify mystorage:

1) Automatic storage: Backs up files automatically

2) Safe & secure: Highly secure, state-of-the-art data centre used

3) No license: No license per device required; unlimited access with single account

4) Access anytime, anywhere: Your digital life travels with you, no need to carry external hard drives

5) Share: Share with family and friends from anywhere

6) Mirror: Mirrors the folder structure of device; easy to use, intuitive

7) Sify mystorage MS Office plug-in:Plugged into MS Office as a tab. Users can easily backup the working file with a single click

To start with, we plan to market Sify mystorage among our 80,000 broadband customers and 19 million visitors on In a country of over 90 million internet users and 7.6 million SMBs, we see a huge need and opportunity for cloud-based storage. In this environment of exploding data, we look forward to innovating constantly on Sify mystorage.”

For a FREE TRIAL of all features of Sify mystorage, and more information, one could visit:

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