5 Little Known Qualities of a Good Broadband Connection

For you to determine a very good broadband connection the following characteristics must be available or present:

Unlimited Speed:

a good broadband connection is expected to provide high internet speeds that can download virtually everything and we have standard broadband internet connections with speeds as high as 100mbps while new broadband technologies are now devised to be downloading in the Gigabytes per seconds – with this kind of broadband internet, anything is possible.

The speed of a dial up internet connection limit services available to the user because certain services are only available depending on your connection speed. For instance, I downloaded a program, which connects to the internet to produce avatars but I could not produce more than 30 avatars within 20 hours due to my slow connection speed.

Geographical Location:

Broadband connections are not affected by your location because they are connected to a satellite and the satellite is expected to rotate the earth every designated time so the connection is always available and strong enough to establish a connection with the internet. So a good broadband connection is not supposed to be affected by the geographical location of the user.

It doesn’t matter if it is in a rural or urban area a broadband internet connection can be used anywhere in the world if they have the right infrastructures.

Cheap Bundle Plan:

A good broadband internet connection comes with bundle plans which suites the financial status of anybody, in other words, a broadband internet connection is highly flexible and cost effective compared to every other form of internet connection. Bundle plans are internet connection unit which determine how long a user is connected and when he or she is connected in relation to how the user is billed. This has been determined and programmed by the service provider.

Connection Type And Time:

Connection type is the package offered by your service provider. Connection time is the value of time used by the broadband connection to connect to the internet. Some service providers broadcast fake values of connection time and type while the connection itself shows another value. Users have to watch out for this errors when getting a connection so as not to fall into service providers lies and craftiness.

VoIP Or Internet Telephony:

Internet telephony is believed to be available on the broadband connection which is better and improved than the ISDN. Internet telephony has many advantages, it connects more than one user as in conferencing and its conferencing abilities are unlimited this cant be achieved on the ISDN but thanks to the introduction of the broadband connection internet telephony is available to any user who is interested.


Teleworking or telecommunicating is the ability to work from any location in the world without stepping in office. This feature can only be found on the broadband connection because it is more stronger than the ISDN connection and it is available everywhere in the world. Teleworking is a cost effective feature because it saves the overheads of traveling or transportation from one location to another even some people actually like to get in their cars or in a scooter and travel all the way to their jobs.

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  • I’ll add the limitation, because these days every provider tend to limit more and more the amount of data you can use

    • Exactly. Maybe the present technology doesn’t allow unlimited speed and data usage, else everybody will overuse their connection and causes network congestion.

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  • The new Google Internet technology which provides speeds measured in Gbps is currently only planned for Kansas city, I think. But for the rest of us, some kind of wired connection like cable or DSL is still the best alternative.

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  • I don’t know why they would plan the better connections in the Mid West the majority of users in the united states are located on the east and west coasts. The super high broadband connections are relatively fast.

  • i just got myself working with a 2Mbps plan upto 25gigs , enough for my monthly browsing limits. but still the service sucks from bsnl during rainy and windy days . if u know what i mean

  • a truly awesome plan will be one offered to smart phones having 3G . cheap 3G data services is what india needs

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