5 Fingers of Your Blog Hand- Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit


Our Hand has 5 Fingers and All 5 Fingers are Necessary for Hand to Work Perfectly! So is The Case For Our Blog. The Must 5 Fingers to make our Blog a Successful Blog… Read On…


The Thumb is Very Prominent in one’s Hand. The Thumb Performs Maximum Work of a hand.. So is Google… Without Google Everything is Void.. For a Successful Blog, getting under the Eyes of Google is Important. Google being the world’s biggest and largest Search Engine gives a Nice Exposure to your Blog and accounts for maximum Traffic for your Blog.. Following are The Things which you need to consider to get Traffic for your Blog from Google.
1. Submit SiteMaps of Your Website/Blog To Google using Google Webmaster Tools and Adding URL to Google
2. Page Rank Factor- The More PageRank your Blog has, Higher you get Ranked in Google. Enhance Your Google PageRank by getting Backlinks from Higher PR websites
3. Producing Original Content – Content is King- So Concentrate on Content. Make Sure You have Something which is Not there in Other Blogs.

Fore Finger / Index Finger

The Fore Finger or Index Finger.. Just Next to Our Thumb which Plays a Vital Role Supporting The Thumb…
Facebook is a Social Networking Site and we are Considering it as Fore Finger of our Hand. Rather Calling Facebook as a Social Networking site.. it is Sharing service.. where we could share the new blog posts and if the shared content deserved a share.. this could go Viral across the facebook around your Network. Where People Comment, Like and Share Your Posts… Facebook Helps You to Keep your Blogs interactive..
The More friends you have in your Facebook Profile, Greater Exposure, More Likes, More Comments and it Keeps you going..

One More Interesting Thing in Facebook which I must Mention, Facebook Connect- Facebook Connect allows you to embed a Fan Page widget into your Blog so any Facebook User could easily Connect to Your Page in Facebook.

Applications like ping.fm, networkedblogs, selective twitter and ability to add unlimited applications to your Facebook profile could help you in one or the otherway promoting the blog..

Middle Finger

Middle Finger, The Center of Attraction.. The Longest of All Fingers as well, Here I have Considered Middle Finger for Twitter- The Popular Micro-blogging Service.
Twitter is The Best Way to Generate Traffic for your Blog.. Though Twitter Status Updates are restricted to 140 Characters, The Power of Tweets is Such a Huge. Putting the Popular Retweet Buttons on Your Blog could double your Traffic…
Any User, who likes Your Post Retweets Your Post and You get Maximum benefit, as the Status Updates on his/her Profile and it Goes Viral.. The Only Thing, which a blogger has to achieve is GOOD online presence in Twitters, The Factors of Following, Followers, Listed Gonna decide How Much Popular you are on Twitter and How Valuable is Your Tweeted Tweet and How many of Them Consider Retweeting it..

URL shorteners are big Boon for Twitterers, with the increased number of URL Shortening Service, bloggers can Make the Most out of it..

Using #HashTags, writing on Trending Topics, And trying new Twitter Clients could Boost your Traffic as well…

Ring Finger

The Ring Finger- The Finger which Most of them Gonna have a look. What kind of Ring are you wearing.. Silver, Gold, Platinum?? The Ring Finger of Hand decides it all… how much important it is to your Hand..

Let Me Compare the Popular Social Media DIGG to Ring Finger… Popular Service which allows users to Submit URLs of your Posts. if Some One Likes Your Submitted Story, he could promote it by Digging The Story… The More Diggs You receive on posts, the More Popular and Hot your URL becomes… and Be careful, if Someone doesn’t like Your Submitted Story, He Could Burry it, Right Away…

A Popular Phenomenon Called DIGG effect, where You receive Unlimited Traffic for few Hours/days if you are Lucky enough to get Through the Homepage of Digg…. So Everybody aims for Large Digg Counts.. More Diggs is equal to Powerful Digg Effect…

Digg is a Nice Place to Interact and Discover New Stories on Various Categories. You could Track the Stories which are Most Current and Popular on Web… A Blogger could Utilize the DIGG, keeping himself updated with Current Topics..

Like I said Followers in Twitters.. Getting More and More Friends in Digg could make you a Digg Power User.. and who knows, you may be the next person to enjoy the Digg Effect…


Little Finger

The Cute and Little Little Finger… I gonna Straight away compare The Little Finger of our hand to reddit.. A Big Time Competitor for DIGG.. and a very Popular Social Media Sharing Service…

like digg, Even here you could Submit Stories and Get Up voted and Down Voted for Your Content.. The Higher Up Votes, More Time in Homepage of Reddit.. and Maximum exposure to your Blog Post…

reddit is unique in its way, being Light weight, and Less Ads stuffed… reddit has a wide range of Topics which you could submit… reddit offers better way of Commenting … all Comments under Single Page.. and Your Earn Karmas for Your Work on reddit….

The Little is Power!


We all Saw How Important is The above Mentioned 5 websites in Promoting Our Website and to Gain Success… As Important as 5 Fingers in our Hand… to get Maximum Benefits from Hand, Co-ordination between the fingers is Important so is The Case for Google, Facebook, Twitter, digg and Reddit!

I hope you Enjoyed This Analogy Post… If You Didn’t like any of the Fingers, let me know by Commenting below… and share your Views mentioning which are the Prominent Fingers of Your Hand(Blog)!


  • dude u forgot stumbleupon which is like thumb for bloggers..
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..What Does Google Think About Competitors? πŸ˜€ =-.

    • Anonymous

      It’s about time that The google up-dates Website Place again. As I noticed, they will be doing the update around the 30 of May. In my perspective those up-dates should be more constant. Once in three many months seems a bit too uncommon.
      By the way best desires on your Website Place. PR3 is not a bad satisfaction.
      traxxas revo

  • So Far, Stumble Upon has Not Helped me Much! So Didn’t include.. well.. it is thumb for bloggers.. for me its Google πŸ™‚

  • I liked the way you explained 5 of the most popular social sharing services by using the concept of a human hand. nice effort!!!
    .-= Namit Gupta´s last blog ..Real-Time HTML Editor =-.

  • Have to agree with Rajesh, stumble can be very good for bloggers, although Google is my biggest referer
    .-= David Hobson´s last blog ..IM Report Card New Way To Make Money Online =-.

  • First three are not avoidable to any blogger. I used digg some time to know how it works. It was interesting reading news,watching videos in home page hits, digging other articles. But i haven’t found any use in it. So i reduced time to use digg. Reddit , i know about it. But haven’t used it.
    .-= Pascal´s last blog ..Free Worpress.com to Self Hosted WordPress.org Migration: =-.

  • @Rajesh Yea dude!! I accept ur comment. Stumble is the Thumb for me…. U forgot mentioning it…. I think Blogger should have 6 fingers πŸ˜›

  • Nice Description with pics,
    thanks for such a beautiful post.
    Nice tip… πŸ™‚
    .-= Shivaraj´s last blog ..Easy way to create .htaccess file online. =-.

  • Your concept is good. I liked it. But IMHO, there is just one more finger you should consider. That can be the next to google. Bing!
    .-= Amal Roy´s last blog ..How To Stream Music From Windows 7 to Any PC or Laptop =-.

  • Thanks for the good tips.
    I have a reddit account for almost a year now but never used them.
    When I post my blog post, straight away I am having a traffic from reddit.
    I have been trying using digg for a year now and I cannot see the result.
    Please give more tips like this in the future.
    See you around.
    .-= lunaticg´s last blog ..Happy New Year 2010 =-.

  • Hahaha I love how you explain what you mean by a picture. I agree to thumb finger, index finger, ring finger, and the little finger … except the middle finger πŸ™‚ Any way thank you for sharing your idea
    .-= Marikxon Manurung´s last blog ..Discount Hot Tub =-.

  • Hahaha I love how you explain what you mean by a picture. I agree to thumb finger, index finger, ring finger, and the little finger … except the middle finger πŸ™‚ Any way thank you for sharing your idea…
    .-= Marikxon Manurung´s last blog ..Discount Hot Tub =-.

  • hahaaa I love the middle finger one :p lol

    on a completely off topic note…..I love the sharing is caring line with all the networks! where can i get it?:)

    • You Must activate The Plugin wordpress. The WordPress Plugin Name is “Sexy BookMarks”

  • Woo that is very nice post. I like they way you explain it.

  • πŸ™‚ I love the way you explained it. Interesting analogy and pretty convincing. Looking forward for your other posts.

    Did not you got Twitter in bit lower positing than it had to get?
    .-= Suresh Khanal @ promote blogs´s last blog ..Feedburner is licking Your PR Juice – Configure Your CommentLuv =-.

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  • This is really helpful
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