4 craziest bit.ly links


bit.ly the URL Shortner Service which recently surpassed the Records of tinyurl.com. bit.ly service has interesting features which includes How often the url is Clicked, Who The referrer is, Geographical Location, Real Time Stats info and so on…

bit.ly logo

Like tinyurl.com even bit.ly allows its user to customize the url part. Generally The Shortened Url will consists of 4 to 6 Random characters, which u could customize as you wish. The URL bit.ly/45TehQ can be easily turned into bit.ly/GooGle using Custom Name Option.

Here are The 4 Craziest bit.ly Links Which I came across.

1.If you try out bit.ly/firefox, firefox will Redirect You to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer website!


2. Have You Ever Tried Just Putting a single Character after bit.ly? I tried it with the character ‘g’. I expected the result to be Google. Yes My Guess was right and it surprised with this.
http://bit.ly/g redirects to Bing Search Engine, just searching for Google.com!


3. The Very First word Which we Learnt in Our Childhood. The Very First letter in English Alphabet – A
Even bit.ly knows a is for apple!
Yes, bit.ly/a redirects to apple.com!


4. No We Can’t Points to Yes We Can!
Have a Look at It,
http://bit.ly/no-we-cant will be redirected to Barack Obama’s Website!


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