360 Launcher homescreen

360 Launcher for Android: Enjoy MIUI fun on your Android for free

360 Launcher is a nice new launcher which imitates the MIUI ROM. This launcher was first developed in Chinese and later got translated into English with the help of a XDA member.

I personally tested this launcher and i must say it is a must have launcher for any Androidian. It is fast and full of eye candy themes and wallpapers which are downloadable completely for free from the official site. I really liked the Weather Widget but we can’t change its location settings from Beijing. Although it looks kinda nice just sitting there on my homescreen.

360 Launcher homescreen

You also get a Power widget bundled with the launcher. The Flashlight included in the widget works out of the box i.e. you don’t need an app to run it. The default theme and wallpaper also matches with the weather widget. Please do try out the extra themes such as Android 4.0 and Windows Phone. Please check out the end of this post for the link to 360 Launcher free themes and wallpapers.

     360 Launcher power widget  
360 Launcher theme preferences
360 Launcher wallpaper preferences

Also i love the 360 launcher lockscreen. Its somewhat close to what you find in the GO Locker Fourkey Theme. But this one is more minimalistic in appearance and smooth in operation.

360 Launcher lockscreen

This the Preferences screen of 360 Launcher. In here you can customize any element of the launcher. Also there is an option to perform backup of your homescreen if you wish to restore it at a later time.

360 Launcher settings screen

The Launcher also comes with some nice animation effects to enjoy. From Swirl, Snake, Cube to Flippy, Chord and many others, you can personalize ’em, any way you like.

360 Launcher animation and effects

There’s also a Memory Cleaner widget which cleans out processes hogging your memory and frees space in your RAM. Running many apps in the background sometimes makes your phone run slowly, so this is a great way to free up your memory if you want to get things done quickly.

Here is the official XDA thread to download 360 Launcher for free. This app is not available on the Market.

For addons and themes for your 360 Launcher please proceed to this link.

  • Great post you got there. I got nice thoughts and Ideas that I can use also. Your tips are amazing!

  • 360 is the best launcher for Android in which I like animation effects at the most.