3 Websites to find HTML5 Experiments

3 Websites to find Amazing HTML5 Experiments

Nowadays, HTML5 is riding over on flash. Against us? Rise your voice in the comments then.

It’s been quite a while since we discussed about Google switching to HTML5 view, but is it all about HTML5?
No, obviously.

Day-by-day we hear new projects and experiments in HTML5 via blogs, social networks, etc.,
But do we have a  particular place where only HTML5 is the Talk?
Yes, certainly.

Here we bring three of the most impressive HTML5 experiment galleries:

1. Chrome Experiments

Originally created as a platform to advertise and make Google Chrome popular. But now it has turned out to be one of the greatest HTML5, Canvas and SVG experiments gallery. The main advantage here is you can submit your own HTML5 experiment here.

Chrome Experiments
Chrome Experiments

Link: Chrome Experiments

2. Mr. Doob

In contrast to Chrome Experiments which has a li’l deal with Canvas and SVG, Mr. Doob is solely dedicated to Mr. Doob‘s HTML5 experiments. I personally like Mr. Doob more than Chrome Experiments and Hakim.se.

Mr. Doob
Mr. Doob

Link: Mr. Doob

3. Hakim.se

A collection of HTML5 experiments powered by Hakim El Hattab. Worth giving a try.


Link: Hakim.se

They were a few HTML5 collections that I was impressed by. Among the three, which one you lik’d the most? Or do let us know if you know about a better collection of HTML5 experiments, that is not included in the list.