3 Things Which You Are Forced To See On Facebook

Even if Sun forgets to Rise, Facebook doesn’t fail to Update these Three Wonderful buttons! According to our Survey, These Three icons are Most Viewed and are Most Clicked by Facebook Users, which is present just next to Facebook logo!

Generally,You Get Notifications Every time you get Likes or Comments on your Status.. Or if you get Follow up Comments on the links or updates which you liked. You get Notifications when someone Tags your Photo and so.. (Provided you have not manipulated the Settings)

Whenever You receive a Private Message, You get Notified with the number of messages which you have received.. A Thread is formed For Subject which you are discussing on showing all Previous Conversations.

3.Friendship Request

If Any of your friend has requested to add you as a Friend.. Or if anyone wants to Connect with you, you are notified with the Friendship request.. which you could Accept or Decline or Ignore..

Have You ever Calculated how Many Notifications do you get Daily? How often do you get Messages, Friendship Requests and Notifications?