3 Creative ways to Google!


We all are google lovers and no one can deny to that fact. We love google and almost all their services, though they have been mere losers in social networking.


There are three amazing websites you must visit if you are a hardcore google fan:

1. Google gravity

One of the experiments in MrDoob which made MrDoob more popular and google more fun. You can read more about it here

2. Uneven google

Time for some exercise. We all tweet, google and blog but when do we have some physical exercise whil on the virtual world? Well, here is the answer: Visit http://unevengoogle.com. Tilt your head and go ahead. πŸ™‚

3. Loser!!!

Head to www.loser.com and find yourself getting stunned and shocked. Need no explanation, just all the salaams and namastes to the guy who bought this domain and redirected it toΒ Google.

We know there are a lot more funny and creative ways to google but you want a chance, right? Take the chance and feel free to drop your comments.