2 Reasons Why you ring your Own Mobile Number



How Often Have You dialed your Own Mobile Number? Very Less..Isn’t it..
I thought This would be nice if I write something on Day to Day Mobile Life.

I have Listed out 2 Instances, Where You will be Calling Your Own Cell Phone Number.

You Have Lost Your Mobile
Yes, This Happens on Your Very Bad Day. You will be losing your Favorite Mobile and donot know what to do next?. Everything Has Happened and Still a small hope, You will Try to recall where you might have missed your Mobile, You will run here and there saying “No, I lost My Mobile, I have Not Backed Up My Contacts, Where The Hell my Phone is, Has anybody taken it, Thousand questions.. You are Panic.

Well, Well, Next What? Call Your Own Mobile Number and Check who is Using it, Where exactly it is, and if your Mobile is with some one, you pray that Person has to be a Very good person, Honest, Kind who will ask you to Meet at Some Place and give back your Phone!!!

All This Time, You will be Thinking, I am not bothered that i lost my Mobile, I am very much worried that i lost all my contacts. (How Much True! :))

mobile ring

You Got a New Caller Tune

Watched your Favorite Movie, And You love all the songs in it.. And one of the songs is killing you like anything.. (Yeah, I want this to be as My Callertune)… You want all your Callers to hear your Favorite Song instead of Traditional Ring-Ring Sound…

Now you will Struggle hard to Set your Favorite song as your Callertune, You will be doing A to Z of the Procedure… And You wouldn’t bother calling the Premium Number(6 Rs/Min) if you have great passion for the Song! Next What? Lalala.. You have successfully Set Your Song as Callertune… Now You Need to listen how it would sound from a Mobile… ofcourse, Now You will be calling your own mobile Number Hundred Times to Listen the Song..

wow what a Tune! My Sweet Callertune!

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