2 Changes that has been rolled out in Facebook profiles

Facebook is an awesome social networking website, No doubt about it. Whatever people say, we can’t deny the fact that Facebook dominates over all the other social networks in the web. I logged in to my Facebook account as I do everyday and found a couple of new features alive.

1. Like box

'Likes' in facebook
'Likes' in facebook

Similar to the Friends element in Facebook profiles, Now Likes box is also present in the left side of the Wall tab. It also includes a feature called Likes in common similar to the Mutual friends feature. According to me, this may not be much useful because in the Info tab we already have a setting to display only the Pages that we’d like.

2. Removal of Boxes

No support for Boxes
No support for Boxes Anymore

When I headed my browser to my Facebook profile, I saw a message from Facebook saying:

Soon Facebook will no longer support profile boxes from applications. Bookmark How Much Is Your Name Worth ? to find it easily. Learn more about this change in the Help Center.

You can take a look at the screenshot taken then:

You can go through this topic in the Facebook Help Center for more Information.

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