12seconds.tv Shuts Down

Oh! There is No Signal and the TV stops working! how Sad 🙁

This is what Happened to 12seconds.tv, a popular Video sharing community. 12seconds.tv is already Shutdown and is No Longer available to anyone! Tweetdeck (Popular Twitter Client) on its initial days had integrated with 12seconds.tv which made possible to play the First Video within TweetDeck’s Client.

As The Name Says, Users were able to upload short Videos within the duration of 12 seconds just like twitter has a limit of 140 Characters! The Team12 before shutting down the service allowed users to download their videos and said a Final Good Bye!

We Miss 12seconds.tv.

It is always sad to witness a death. and even it happens on Web 🙁
(12seconds.tv has a Google PageRank of 6, will this matter now?)