10 Ways to make your blog readers happy!


I decided to make a post about how to make your blog readers happy.

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Here are some few points which are proved to be helpful.

  1. No clickers: Try to use less clickers which are the most annoying thing to the readers. They link every 3rd word in the post. They are used by the bloggers to increase their revenue but readers get irritated by them. So try to use less clickers.
  2. Full Page Ads: Apart from clickers full page ads are also a mess. They make the reader wait for a certain time before displaying the page. They often make the page load slower.
  3. Make your content easily accessible: Make RSS feeds, email notification and SMS alerts available to the readers.  Also post these links in sidebar in a location where the readers usually see. Not on the footer.
  4. Make pages loading faster: Try to use less plug-ins, widgets and other content which makes the page loads faster. Users with slow internet often get irritated with the slow loading of the page. Don’t bloat your blog too much.
  5. Provide a chat box to users: Most of the readers are too lazy to go to the contact page and send you an email if they want a post related to anything. Get them a chatbox like Digsby Widget, Cbox or yahoo Ping. The users are able to directly contact you.
  6. Reply to each and every comment: Reply to every comment and be polite to readers. Replying to comments make the readers come to your blog again and again which will ultimately increase the page views.
  7. Clean Template: Choose a good-looking template +  neat template. So it makes the interface more user friendly.
  8. Slideshow Widget: Add images to your post and add a slideshow widget. You can have many alternatives like Wowzio.
  9. Translate page widget: All the users are not from the same country where you are from. They have different languages and can often find understanding English difficult. So make them translate page widget available.
  10. Link Exchange: Add a link exchange page if the readers want to exchange the link page they can do that easily.

These are some points which can be used for making blogging wonderful.

Apart from these there are more but we will carry that in next part.


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  • Ok those are really some useful points to remember.
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  • Nice tips .. really well putted forward … keep it up
    .-= Jaspal´s last blog ..Bumptop: First on Windows, now on Mac =-.

  • These are the Basics. Without these you cannot call yourself a blogger. Most important point, make sure people actually like the blog. Ads are all right as long as the readers don’t mind it.
    .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Get Windows Movie Maker 6.0 on Windows 7 =-.

  • Yes. Interacting with readers is vital. Replying to comments and being easily accessible is essential for every blogger.
    .-= Selurus´s last blog ..Popurius =-.

  • Thanks for this very good list! But I don’t agree to this point: “Reply to each and every comment”. Sometimes people just comment to say that they liked your article, then what can you reply for that?
    .-= Rohit Sane´s last blog ..How to Make your Blog/Website more User-Friendly? =-.

    • First of all thank you! And every blogger has his own views. These were mine. At least we can say thank you so that the person gets to know at least we read the blogger read his comment. 🙂
      .-= Sukhjit Singh´s last blog ..What is sitemap and how to create it =-.

  • Thanks for the tips friend. Making content easily available to visitor and putting minimum ads serve the purpose.

    P.S: You’ve got a great plugin: Likebot at the end… something new to me.

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  • this all ten tips is very useful and tip no 5 and 6 is wonderful.