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10 Tips for a Clean and Professional Facebook Profile

Facebook is not only an awesome media to connect with your friends but also to establish connections with networking partners and for marketing. In order to have a successful marketing campaign you must have a neat and clean profile. At the same time customers/readers always seek professionalism from their Dealers. Here are a few tips to keep your Facebook profile clean and professional.

How to keep your Facebook profile clean and professional
How to keep your Facebook profile clean and professional

1. Your Name should be YOUR name

Now don’t ask me “What’s in a name?”. I’d say it is simply your unique identity. I have seen people giving fake first names and last names, but I wonder what might be the reason – Does that sound odd for themselves or are they just shy to give their original names?

2. No one would like to see Dora or Pokemon in your Profile Picture

It ain’t any professional to have unholy cartoon pictures or pictures of your facourite actor. A picture can give somebody a clear impression of what exactly you are. Let me get into some physics now:

A better profile picture is directly proportional to a professional profile.

3. Update your status Frequently

The more active you are, more likes and comments you can receive. Hence a stranger feels that this profile has got some great potential and you can expect people to have a close eye on profile.

4. Let the multimedia shower your Profile

Share photos and Videos with your friends. Not necessarily photos and videos of yourself, but whatever you find interesting.

5. Share interesting links

People generally share links that they feel their friends would like, but that’s just a foolish act if I were interviewed. Share what you love and most of the time your friends will adjust to your taste and start liking it.

6. Your Friends do count

The pun is on the word ‘count.’ A myth that’s spread all around is that more the number of Friends you have, more is your influence. From my personal experience, I had around 700 friends but when I posted one of my articles to my wall i received only 2 likes and 1 comment. On the other side, My boss Chetan Thimmappa having some 300 odd friends, posted the same article to his wall and received around 8 likes.
Just another Question to you: When will you be more excited – When I accept your friendship request or when Mark Zuckerberg does?

7. Be human

Are you human in Facebook or all of your updates are automated via hootsuite, NetworkedBlogs, RSS Graffiti and likes? If you are one who falls into that category, either change yourself or don’t add me @murugappan.meiyappan. 😛
Scheduling your tweets is good idea but that isn’t the case with automating all your work.


The name says it all, stop spamming your friends’ feed. Have a considerable gap between two status updates and also don’t keep flooding messages/wall posts or tag one single person. He may remove/block you or sometimes people may also report you for Spam. Beware!

9. After all, you are a Farmville Guy!

You are a Blogger with a blog with great traffic and you play Farmville. I’ll tell you, whenever I come across such profiles I’ll just consider it a fake one and let it go. I would personally recommend you to have two profiles, One Professional and one for personal use.

10. It’s your turn now

Share with us what are the steps you take to keep your Facebook profile professional?