10 Must subscribe Youtube Channels!

Youtube has become one of the best websites that exist. This has attracted many individuals/groups to upload videos on youtube. I gathered a list of must subscribe youtube channels. I have subscribed them all as they are awesome. Lets see if you like them or not.

Most of these groups are comedy because  90% of the most subscribed and best groups are comedy 🙂

1. Nigahiga : (Comedy/Asian):

This guy is one of the most subscribed in the youtube + Most viewed.  He has achieved many other things too. nigahiga has uploaded many comedy videos made by him. he is one of the most funniest guy in youtube.

2. =3 : (Comedy/Review):

This channel is my personal favourite. I never miss any video. the channel is run by a dude “Ray William Johnson”.  He reviews videos on youtube every 3 -4 days. The guy has an amazing sense of humor and I reccomend everyone to subscribe.

3. machinima: (Gaming/Mix):

Machinima.com is the premier online entertainment network showing trailers, gameplay, montages & original series created in video games. this is the no. 1 subscribed games related channel.

4. fred: (Comedy/Stupidity):

this kid really needs to be subscribed because he can make you laugh all day with his stupid talks and actions. BTW he can also make you wanna unsubscribe him because his voice sucks 🙁 . But still he is good 🙂

5. VenetianPrincess: (Comedy/Parody):

This channel is run by a teenage girl who looks like she was trolled by every singer so she started making parodies of them. And yeah yeah for all you horny boys, yes she is beautiful. So now go subscribe her!!! BTW do watch the transformers revenge of the twitter on her channel. Its awesome.

6. Failblog: (comedy/short clips):

This channel collects some of the funny shortclips around the world mostly fails and some wins ( Rarely) .Nevermind but this group is awesome for people who like trolling everyday.

7.  Mean Kitty :(Animals/Vblog):

The channel is made by family or guy who owns this kitty. As the channel says : THE MEAN KITTY CHANNEL’S PURPOSE:
To remind us all that pets aren’t just a piece of furniture in our homes… even though they can look that way sometimes. : ). I was never a kitty fan but this is for all you who loves furballs 😀

8. The Movie Vault: (Gaming/Movies):

Gaming vault is sponsered by Alienware so expect some highQuality videos made by random people around the world. The channel houses videos/movies made exclusively ingame. The channel also holds some tutorials and other random videos.

9. Google: (Tech/latest):

How about the very own Google official youtube channel which brings you some latest technology by google and how-to’s. Most of the bloggers must have already subscribed it but still its a must subscribe for all the tech freaks.

10. Windows: (tech/latest):

Don’t tell me that you were not expecting microsoft on youtube. They have a own sponsered youtube channel for Windows. Maybe its for promoting but still it is a must subscribe.


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  • nice list, I am already following google and microsoft in youtube 😉
    .-= Nicholas Francis´s last blog ..Why not Yellow, A free social media Icon set =-.

  • Hey Chethan, just popping over to continue the conversation after your awesome comment on my latest post.
    This is a really good idea for a post concept – thanks for the inspiration.
    I follow none of these but I love the FAIL blog for a good laugh.
    May do one of these for my niche.
    Thanks again Chethan!
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..The Internet Marketing Jigsaw Puzzle. Why do I have too many edge pieces?? =-.

  • Chethan!
    Can you help me my friend?
    How do I add a banner ad to my header like you have done?
    I have the code for a clickable header in thesis added to my custom css file, what is the one i need to add the logo on left and banner on right?
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..The Internet Marketing Jigsaw Puzzle. Why do I have too many edge pieces?? =-.

    • Sure Alex.. if it is Thesis Its very Easy to do!! I will get you the steps in a while!! can i have a look at your friend’s blog?

      • no, its my blog, I was saying can you help ME my friend 🙂

  • I have already subscribed =3 and I am a big fan of his shows.I am currently trying to review other you mentioned here.

    Nice information.

  • Thanks for the listing, some interresting stuff (the “fred” is a good comedy stuff, I appreciate)

  • Nice listing, I’ve appreciated the ‘fred’ comedy. He has done a good work.

  • Asdf

    this list is complete shit. Once I saw =3 and Fred I didn’t even read any further.